A Nice Gesture

It was 8 AM. I was in the hospital cafeteria waiting for the bus to take me college, which would arrive at 9 AM. Phone in my lap-away from plain sight, earphones in my ear, I was watching Lisa Eldridge’s make up tutorial. An acquaintance of mine, sitting across from me thought I was asleep and brought me a cup of coffee so I could stay awake throughout the whole day-sitting through pharmacology and 3 hours of pathology. It was one of the nicest thing that someone has done for me-bear in mind, I am an above average coffee fanatic, so coffee equals happiness for me. I felt obliged to stop watching Lisa Eldridge’s video on my phone, and have a friendly conversation with her, it was the least I could do to repay her. We had a pleasant conversation, I asked  her which school she studied at, how many years has she lived in the country, asked if she did her homework. It made me realize, I see this girl almost everyday, and I don’t even take the time to have a conversation with her for more that a minute. I’ve missed out on potential friendship, and it took a cup of coffee to discover it! Firstly, coffee has the power to create friendships is the first thing I’ve discovered today. Secondly, I shouldn’t underestimate friendship, and have a conversation that lasts more than a minute with people that I come across everyday. Creating new friendships makes me genuinely happy and has encouraged me to not shy away from talking to people. We should get to know the people around us, do something nice for someone else, you never know, it may brighten their day, but if will definitely brighten yours!

I encourage everyone reading this to do something nice for someone today, and make a new friend. You”ll get genuine happiness out of it!


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