After days and days of studying, I FINALLY had the chance to escape the books and go out shopping-something I haven’t done in a while. If you’re a med student, you know how I feel :'(. Here are the products I bought, and I will be doing a review on them so check in later if you’re interested 🙂

1. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 05 Candy Shimmer-83 Riyals

2. Lush Lipsticks in Perspective and Decisive-86 Riyals each

3.  Barry M Nail Polish in Navy-20 Riyals


Tim Hortons in Jeddah Soon!

Good news just keeps on coming. First Soap and Glory, and now Tim Hortons is making its way to Jeddah, soon to Mall of Arabia. If you don’t know about Tim Hortons, its a famous Canadian franchise known for its coffee and doughnuts. I first tried Tim Hortons in Dubai this past summer, and I ever since, I have been converted into a fan. If you are planning to visit once it opens, (I know I will suffer an hour long ride to Mall of Arabia to get there) try the French Vanilla. It is to die for. I’m planning on buying a whole load of their French Vanilla cans to take home with me.

*Picture belongs to rightful owner
*Picture belongs to rightful owner

Update: Tim Hortons is now open in Mall of Arabia on the ground floor in front of H&M


Top 5 Products Under 50 Riyals


1. My Lovely Lip Balm by H&M: I got this lip balm when there was a sale in H&M for 5 riyals. When I bought this, I didn’t expect this lip balm to be even remotely good at moisturizing my lips. But since it was only 5 riyals, I gave it a go, and boy am I glad I did! This lip balm moisturizes my lips so well that it is always in my makeup bag just in case my lips aren’t feeling soft and supple.

2. NYX Rouge Cream Blush: This blush glides on very smoothly and give a nice color to my skin. When I don’t know what to wear or just want a natural look, I put this on and I am ready to go. My favorite shade is 05 Glow which works for a lot of skin tones, however there are more shades available.

3. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick: I love the formula of this lipstick, its matte so it stays on for a long time and is also easy to apply but make sure you have moisturized your lips before you put this on. This particular shade, number 01 is my favorite color when I want to wear a natural lip color.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: This keeps the shine at bay like nothing else. Sometimes I use this over my moisturizer on my T-zone when I’m not wearing any tinted moisturizer or foundation and it works perfectly.

5. Garnier Roll-On Under Eye Concealer: This is my holy grail product. I don’t know what I would do if I ran out of it. When I’m not in the mood for foundation or tinted moisturizer, but I want to look a nice and show that I haven’t put any effort, I wear this. I just pat this under my eyes, around my nose, and around some of my light superficial scars and I’m ready for the day.

Soap and Glory Finally Hits Boots Stores In Jeddah!

I don’t know where I have been lately, but I just found out that Soap and Glory is finally available here in Jeddah! I went to the one in Tahlia Mall, and was disappointed to find out that there were only 3, yes  you read that right, only 3 products available there: Bright Here Bright Now and some other ones I forgot the name of sadly. I really wanted the Hand Food lotion, but I wasn’t available. I hope there is a better Soap and Glory collection in other Boots stores. If you know of one, let me know in the comments!

Update: It has recently come to my attention that all Boots stores have been closed, there won’t be anymore Soap and Glory products available 😦

Review: Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir

photo 2

Just say the words “glowing skin” and I’ll stop everything I’m doing to listen. When I read reviews of this on a couple of blogs, I was like, I NEED this product in my life, and so a couple of days later, I went out and got it.

Basically this product is a moisturizing serum containing glycolic acid and antioxidants targeting aging skin. Now I don’t have aging skin, but the main reason that I tried it is because the fact that it has glycolic acid (8%-10% according to Paula’s Choice). It is very hard find products with glycolic acid here in Jeddah, so I was all for trying this out.

photo 1

Product claim: Gives you “hydrated, smoother skin after 1 night”. After 7 nights, it claims to give you “resurfaced skin that appears smoother and tauter.”

The Results: I’m always skeptical about drugstore products being true to their word, and I must say, I was surprised to find out that this DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS! Shocking I know. After 1 night, my skin was looking plump, hydrated, smooth to the touch, the redness in my skin was gone, and above all, my skin was glowing! I was so happy with the results, that I was excited to see what would my skin look like after 7 nights. After 7 nights, my skin was still glowing, if not slightly more. No sign of redness on my face. The scars on my skin were reduced ever so slightly. Application of makeup on face was way smoother-like I actually noticed a big difference.

I don’t know think that I’m going to be using this is product every day since it is anti aging and I don’t need it right now, I just turned 20! However, I’m planning on using this like once a month for a week, to give my skin a boost. I’m hoping that the scars on my skin will reduce a lot more, but let’s see if that happens. I will keep you posted! Also, it is very important to use sunscreen while using this product.

If your skin lacks a bit of glow, and needs a little boost, I recommend you try this product, however, this is anti aging, so you might want to take precaution.

Where To Find This Product: Pharmacies for 89 SR

Inspiration Board Wallpaper

I’m sure many of you are familiar with inspiration boards that you create and put it in front of your desk so you can be inspired whenever you work. Nowadays, we spent most of our time on our laptops working, watching, writing, reading, and I thought, why not be inspired every time we turn on our laptops? So I created a collage of the pictures that inspire me on picmonkey.comand set it as my desktop background. I think it is a great idea for a little boost of inspiration every time we view our desktop. Here’s my inspiration board, which includes outfits that I like, furniture ideas, hair styles, nail colors, and celebrities:

PicMonkey Collage

Review: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

photo 1

I initially bought this eyeliner thinking it was a felt tip liner, because I wanted something that would apply easily. When I went home, I realized that it does not have a felt tip, it has a brush tip. Nonetheless, it was still easy to apply which I was happy about. This eyeliner stays on all day, although the black color becomes less intense throughout the day. Maybe this has to with my oily lids? I haven’t tried it with a primer so I can’t say. Aside from that, it is pretty good. It is definitely not a intense black color, so for those of you looking for intense dark black color this is not for you. Since it is drugstore, it is a good price, and it is worth the money. This eyeliner is best for those who are just trying to get into liquid eyeliners due to its easy application.

Where to Find This: City Plaza for approx. 40 Sr

photo 3

photo 2

Friday Five Things

     So inspiration has hit me today, and I decided that I’m going to start a new series on my blog about 5 things that either I am grateful for or 5 things that make me happy. These posts will be posted every Friday since it is the weekend, and I can collect the things that made me happy or grateful during the week and share them with you. These could include the little things that make me happy/grateful or big things. Hopefully it will encourage you to write down what makes you  happy or what you are grateful for and share it with everyone (including me!)

Source: http://www.evelinasfashioncafe.com

1. Organized and Clean Room: Yeah I might have OCD, but walking into my room knowing that it is clean and organized gives me sense of satisfaction? A messy room makes feel down and uninspired and prevents me from feeling my best.

2. The fact that I have a cup of coffee in my hand: Here is a little thing you don’t know about me: I am passionately obsessed with coffee. I love reading about it, I love making coffee, I love drinking about coffee, I love looking at pictures of coffee.

3.  Waking Up Early In the Morning: It is so statisfying knowing that you have THE WHOLE DAY to work towards your goals.

4. Writing: Writing is my passion. I love writing. When I have the chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and write about anything, I feel happy.

5. Meditating