Review: Benefit Feelin’ Dandy

This is my first Benefit product,which I  had been eyeing this for a quite a while now, and I decided to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did! This contains a mini size of posie tint, high beam, dandelion blush, blush brush, and a dandelion lip gloss.


Posie Tint: This is a pink lip and cheek tint. What I like about these kinds of products is that you can control the intensity of the color you want on your cheek or lips. Either you can go for a natural look, or a more brighter look. I love this product for my cheeks, It actually applies very nicely. I just dab this on my cheeks and blend it in with my fingers. I find that when I put it on my lips, it settles into the lines of my lips and is not so flattering, so I tend to apply this only on my cheeks.

High Beam: If you’re looking for a good highlighter then look no further. This highlighter isn’t too shimmery, it’s natural, and is worth the money. This looks natural on your skin and gives your skin a little bit of glow, which I don’t think anyone would mind. I have oily skin, and I still use this, it does not make my skin look extra oily, however, you do have to powder on top of it to make it stay longer. I just dab this on my cheekbones, chin, cupids bow. This shade is for cool skin tones, but there is another highlighter that is for warm skin tones (Sun beam).

Dandelion Blush: This a soft pink blush perfect for those no makeup makeup days. This blush is so light and sheer, and perfect to wake up your dull complexion. Comes with a brush, that is also very nice, and soft. Its perfect for picking up the blush and sweeping it on your face. It has a slight shimmer to it, but I pile this product on and the shimmer is not noticeable at all. Since this is a very light color, this blush would show up on light to light medium skin tones.

Dandelion Lip gloss: This pink lip gloss doesn’t give too much color, rather comes out as colorless, which I don’t prefer. It stays on your lips for quite a long time. I find that some lip gloss goes away after like half and hour, but Benefit know what they’re doing. It does have a slight shimmer to it, so if you have to exfoliate your lips before using this.

Overall: I didn’t know what to expect with these products, but I can say for sure that these products exceeded my expectations. This is definitely worth the money, and if you’re not sure about some of the products and do not want to invest in a full size version, buying a box like  is the perfect way to go.

Where To Find This: Sephora for 178 SR


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