Change: Office-spiration

We might not notice this, but our environment has so much of an effect on our mood. If our room is messy, we become in a bad mood, if our room is clean we are in a better mood. I absolutely hate studying with a messy desk, and seeing that I’m a medstudent, I’m studying all day, every day on my desk. If my desk is not organized, it makes it harder to study because I’m worrying about how I need to clean up my desk rather than worrying about how well I need to study. So I found some pictures that will inspire me (and you, hopefully) to create a better working space:

I love fairy lights, and if I can include them in my desk space,then I’m all in!


I love the idea of having the bookshelf right next to the desk, so whenever you need to grab a book, it is right there.


This is my absolute favorite. This helps keep everything you need in one place so you can grab them right away, and I’m definitely going to out to find this


This picture is my favorite, since I love white, it is no surprise. I feel like white spaces are very calm and mellow which is a nice environment to create in your office area.

All I can say is, I NEED that chevron chair in my life. This brings me to an important point, it so important that you actually enjoy using your furniture-your desk, your chair, your lamp etc. Nice furniture lifts up your mood and believe me,  helps you study better.


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