Review: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

photo 1

I initially bought this eyeliner thinking it was a felt tip liner, because I wanted something that would apply easily. When I went home, I realized that it does not have a felt tip, it has a brush tip. Nonetheless, it was still easy to apply which I was happy about. This eyeliner stays on all day, although the black color becomes less intense throughout the day. Maybe this has to with my oily lids? I haven’t tried it with a primer so I can’t say. Aside from that, it is pretty good. It is definitely not a intense black color, so for those of you looking for intense dark black color this is not for you. Since it is drugstore, it is a good price, and it is worth the money. This eyeliner is best for those who are just trying to get into liquid eyeliners due to its easy application.

Where to Find This: City Plaza for approx. 40 Sr

photo 3

photo 2


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