Tim Hortons in Jeddah Soon!

Good news just keeps on coming. First Soap and Glory, and now Tim Hortons is making its way to Jeddah, soon to Mall of Arabia. If you don’t know about Tim Hortons, its a famous Canadian franchise known for its coffee and doughnuts. I first tried Tim Hortons in Dubai this past summer, and I ever since, I have been converted into a fan. If you are planning to visit once it opens, (I know I will suffer an hour long ride to Mall of Arabia to get there) try the French Vanilla. It is to die for. I’m planning on buying a whole load of their French Vanilla cans to take home with me.

*Picture belongs to rightful owner
*Picture belongs to rightful owner

Update: Tim Hortons is now open in Mall of Arabia on the ground floor in front of H&M



9 thoughts on “Tim Hortons in Jeddah Soon!

      1. I feel it’s a license issue as it was also for South African Nandos which lead to the closure of all 4 of its branches in Jeddah. I just spoke to a person over the phone there and have been told Timmys should open up this week hopefully. (fingers crossed) As a Canadian, I’ll be freaking out with both of you when it does open finally 😀


  1. I just went to Mall of Arabia and, by happy coincidence, saw that the Tim Hortons was OPEN FOR BUSINESS. I didn’t even KNOW that they were making a Tim Horton’s. Imagine my surprise as a die-hard Canadian when I came across this store while strolling about. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if they server Timbits. I never got to actually go in the store (they were closing when I found it), but I couldn’t find any mention of Timbits anywhere.


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