Lush Lipstick Review

I recently went out to  Stars Avenue Mall and picked up these 2 lipsticks from Lush to try out. I never really heard anything about these lipsticks, so I was interested to see what they were like. They’re shade collection isn’t that great honestly, there were only a few that I would actually buy.

photo 3

Top: Perspective Bottom: Decisive

Perspective (Right) is a brownish pink natural color lipstick with a slight sheen to it.

Decisive (Left) is a red color, slightly pink. This is the perfect red lipstick. My mom and my sister, who have a fairer skin tone than I, looked incredible in this color. I have a fair to medium skin tone and looked pretty good on me as well. Personally, I think this is a universally flattering red shade and will look on any skin tone, so if you’re looking for a red lipstick, trust me, this is the one.

According to their website, their description of the lipsticks are:

“The idea behind this beautiful range was simple; highly pigmented, long-lasting color in a gentle, moisturizing base. Could such a thing ever be achieved? Thanks to the brilliance of our very own inventor-extraordinaire Rowena Bird, it was! Our liquid lipsticks have a jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax base to soften dry lips, but also happen to carry the color pigments incredibly well. This means your color can be adjusted to however bold you like to wear it, and will stay put all day long.”

Pigmentation: I agree with the statement above, these lipsticks are truly very pigmented. Like no amount of your natural lip color will show up when you wear these lipsticks.

Lasting Time: If you are not going to eat or drink anything, this lipstick stays on for a long time, as opposed to some lipsticks that come after a couple of hours. If you eat and drink, the lipstick will come off so you will need to reapply afterwards.

Moisture Level: This lipstick is not very hydrating, like if you have dry lips, this won’t soften them, however they are slightly moisturizing so that when you put it on, it wont catch on to dry flakes on your lips.

Tips: Overall these are pretty decent lipsticks, not the best in the market, but not so bad either. However, I would really advise you to try the shades on your lips before you buy them, because they might look different on your lips than the shade in the bottle. Perspective accentuated the natural lines on my lips, which is not flattering and made me regret buying it. If you’re looking for a red lipstick, this is a very good color and you won’t be disappointed.

Where Can You Find This: Lush Store at Stars Avenue Mall for 87 Riyals


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