The Liebster Award

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Andrea from  Breakfast at Andrea’s nominated by for this award. I still can’t believe it! As Andrea mentioned, The Liebster Award is given out to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers as encouragement. Really appreciate your nomination, it was really nice surprise!

Rules For Receiving and Accepting This Award: 

  1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
  3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with fewer than 200 followers.
  4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees

Here are my answers to the questions she gave me:

  1. What’s the most memorable moment in your life so far? My most memorable moment in my life so far would be my transition from high school to college. That was the time I noticed that I was changing into a much different person than I was in high school. That rebellious phase that I had in high school was gone, and emerged a new me, who was mature, and smart and just trying to make myself into something, and working hard to achieve my dreams.
  2. Who is the most inspiring person you know? Okay, so this is surprisingly an easy question. I don’t know this person personally, but she does inspire me a great deal. Lauren Conrad has come so far from when she was in high school in Laguna Beach. Now she has a clothing line, a website, and  she’s engaged. I think that she used her fame to achieve her dreams and her goals and that is why she inspires me. Seeing her achieve her dreams makes me want to work hard for mine.
  3. What’s your favorite season of the year? My favorite season of the year would have to be Fall. I love it when the leaves change color and start falling. The weather starts to become nice and cool. Holiday drinks like the pumpkin spice latte start to come out. You get to cozy up in sweaters, burn a candle, and read a book by the fireplace. 
  4. What book do you think everyone must read in high school? If anything, I think everyone should read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I had to read this for my AP English class, and it just changed my perspective on  everything. I teaches you that you have to take opportunities and work hard for being an outlier, and achievment is not just pure luck.
  5. If you had a TARDIS where or when would you go? I would go into the future and take a look at it, and if its bad, I would come back to present time and work towards a better future.
  6. What is your favorite video game? Crazy Taxi. If you havent played, stop everything you’re doing and go play it.
  7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I wish I had the ability to have interesting conversations with people, and avoid that awkward pause. I can get pretty awkward around people because I usually don’t know what to say.
  8. What can you not live without? I cannot live without my laptop. I need it to communicate, I need to do my work, I need it to study, write blog posts etc. I don’t know what I would do without it.
  9. What superpower would you want and would you use it for good or evil? I want the superpower of having a very good memory. Obviously, I would use it for pure evil. Just kidding, definitely  for good.
  10. What is your favorite family tradition? My family and I always go out for lunch or dinner every Friday. It gives us a chance to sit and chat with each other and have fun, since we usually are so busy in the week and don’t get a lot of time to sit down and chat.

Here Are Your Questions:

  1. What’s one of your goals in life?
  2. Who inspires you?
  3. What do you look in a good writer?
  4. What is one thing on your bucket list?
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. Who was your first favorite singer/band?
  7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  8. What is charisma to you? How does one become charismatic?
  9. If you could acquire one quality, what would it be?
  10. Are you a city person or a country person?

My Nominees:




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