2014 Beauty Resolutions

I know its the end of January and most people post their resolutions like the first or second week of January, but I had finals and had no time to think about the rest of this year when my future was on the line! I finally got the chance to jot down some beauty resolutions that I want to achieve this year.


1. Drink More Water: I hope you don’t kill me if I tell you I drink about 4 or less (If I’m busy) glasses of water a day, which is pretty horrible.

2. Drink Less Coffee (And Without Sugar): I cannot live without coffee, so I’m not going to cut coffee completely out of my life (let’s face it, that is not going to ever happen).

3. Have A Pamper Session Every Week: Usually I’m either to tired or too busy give myself some proper attention. I’d like to spend more time on myself-put on face masks, properly exfoliate my skin, apply body lotion etc.

4. Make Time To Exercise

Let me know your beauty resolutions down below, I’d like to read them!


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