High-End vs. Dupe: Benefit High Beam and No7 Skin Illuminator


Benefit High Beam: 13 ml

No7 Skin Illuminator: 30 ml


Benefit High Beam: 104 SR

No7 Skin Illuminator: 80 SR

PicMonkey Collage


Benefit High Beam: Nail varnish-like brush applicator

No7 Skin Illuminator: Attached brush applicator

Heavy Swatch: Left- No7 Right- High Beam    Blended Swatch: Left- No7 Right-High Beam

The No7 highlighter is more creamier than Highbeam, and is less pigmented therefore appears less shiny than benefit but you can’t really notice a different once you’ve applied it on your face. The applicator on the No7 highlighter is not very application friendly, so what I’m going to do is just cut of the brush so I can access the cream directly.

Since both of them are very shimmery, I wouldn’t recommend using them during the day, because people will most definitely be able to see the shimmer on your skin, it’s best for a night out.

Bottom Line: These highlighters are almost exactly the same, so I’d rather buy the N07 highlighter because it costs less and has more product than the High Beam.


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