Swooning Over: MAC Blushes

MAC Dollymix and Love Joy

My first MAC blush was one that I stole from my mother’s makeup drawer, and ever since then, I fell in love with MAC blushes. When I got these, you could imagine my excitement, I couldn’t wait to test them out because these blushes never disappoint.

Dollymix and Love Joy Swatch
Left:Love Joy(Mineralize Blush) Right: Dollymix (Sheertone Shimmer)

Dollymix is a sheer medium pink blush with a sheen to it. The texture of the blush itself is very soft and smooth, not powdery at all. With a light hand, you can get away with natural glowing pink cheeks or layer it on for a bright wash of pink.

Love Joy is a reddish brown blush with gold shimmer. When I first saw this, I would have never thought I’d like it, but it looks so good when you sweep this on your cheeks. This would be perfect to layer over a tan or for a bronze sun-kissed look. Lighter skin tones would need a lighter hand with this because this is very pigmented.


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