Review: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner

Rimmel Scandal Eyes

I love eyeliner and for me, it is an essential part of my daily makeup routine. I love using liquid eyeliners, but I was always intrigued by the  gel formula. Recently, I’ve been obsessing over the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner. In summary, this eyeliner has pretty much got everything you’d need in an eyeliner. It is very black, it is very pigmented and glides on the eyelids like a dream. It is a waterproof formula, it stays on for a VERY long time which is amazing because usually eyeliners tend to slip and slide off my oily eyelids (TMI?) and does not smudge at all. It does come with a brush but I’m not really a fan of it because I prefer using my own angled brush since it is easier to make a winged eyeliner with. The only thing you have to remember is to clean the brush after using it because the gel can dry on the brush and become hard preventing further use. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases and I don’t think I’m ever looking back at pencil or liquid eyeliners again.


The Body Shop Shimmer Waves

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves is a pretty snazzy product in my opinion and for some reason, I feel like it is so underrated in the beauty community. It comes in 2 shades: Bronze and Blush. Bronze is, like the name suggests, a more bronze golden color, which is the one I have, while Blush is more pink.

The colors of this compact are very pigmented and include pink, medium brown, reddish copper, dark brown, and golden.When blended together, this product gives the most beautiful golden highlight. It is one of those “love at first application” products for me. You can use it with a light hand for a more daytime minimal highlight or with a heavy hand for a night time look. Even though the name of the product is shimmer waves, this product gives of more of a golden sheen rather than depositing large chunks of shimmer on your face ( no disco ball face!).You can even use this as a bronzer, however, I would only recommend this for those with skin tones over NC25 or else it will just show up as a golden highlight.

What I love about this product is that the different colors can even be used as eye shadows. As a quick tip, you can use it with a wet brush to increase the intensity of the colors on the lids.

I don’t think I would ever run out of this product because there is a lot of it, but if I did, it would definitely go on my repurchase list!

Food Spotlight: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


I’ve been to a couple of Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs here in Jeddah, including the one next to Danube in Rawdah, the one on Andalus (Near Chilis), and the one next to the restaurant Papaya, and I can’t say enough good things about this place, I really can’t.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the coffee. I love coffee and I need it like I need oxygen, and it I get really disappointed when I get less than a good cup of coffee. I have been to many coffee shops including Starbucks, Costa Coffee,  Caribou Coffee and many more. However, the coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf surpasses all the others without fail, without a second thought. I don’t know if it is just me but there is a distinct taste and aroma about the coffee which does not exist in other coffee shops, it is so unique I really can’t put it into words. It is the kind of thing you need to try it to understand it. Also, when you order coffee, you actually get as serious cup of coffee. Like when you drink it, you can feel the caffeine kick in, unlike the coffee at Starbucks which really doesn’t do anything for me (coffee enthusiasts might understand what I’m talking about). So let me introduce to my obsession at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: the vanilla lattes. Let me just say, I have had an healthy number of these this year. They are the best lattes I have ever tried, so much so that I bragged about it so much, I’ve got two of my friends hooked on it. First and foremost, you can actually taste the vanilla in the latte which is pretty huge by the way, because in other coffee shops, you  order a vanilla latte but get just a latte because you can’t taste any of the vanilla goodness. I can go on forever about the vanilla lattes, but I’ll end this by saying the latte has the perfect balance of the sweetness from the vanilla and the bitterness from the espresso.

Now comes the food. They do really good pasta and lasagna. If you are a pasta lover like I am, you won’t be disappointed.  My favorites are the Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli and the lasagna. The Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli is has cream in it, so it can be a bit too heavy, but it SO good and in my opinion, the perfect comfort food. Another one of my favorites is the Grilled Chicken Caesar sandwich. I’m really intrigued to try the waffles and the scone set on breakfast menu though, which I’m sure will happen in the near future. Regarding their desserts, I had the carrot cake which was very disappointing considering how good everything else is. It was very dry and didn’t feel so fresh and didn’t enjoy it at all. I also had one of the cookies, I think it was the chocolate chip cookie, it wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.

Apart from the great coffee and food, the service is pretty great. The baristas always welcome me with a smile (especially the branch next to Papaya). They’re really helpful if you have a question, they know the menu, they know the coffee, if they were any more nice and they’d be on the verge of being creepy. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is my favorite places to hang out, I just the love the ambiance. It is very relaxing, its nice if you want to chat with your friends, read a book,  or study.

Another thing I love about the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is that you can buy not only their coffee beans, but also their large selection of teas, and the  chocolate and vanilla flavorings so you can recreate their coffee at home. The Vanilla Power is SO GOOD, you can recreate the vanilla lattes at home, I did mention it my previous favorites post. You can use it to make hot vanilla, cold vanilla drinks and hot vanilla drinks.

All in all, if you haven’t been to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, you need to go there and have a vanilla latte, you are missing out on some good stuff.

Natural Eyes Made Easy

Revlon Color Stay Palette in Decadent

You know what happens when there is 20% off on makeup? You walk away with a bag full of makeup and a lighter wallet. This Revlon Palette in 505 Decadent was one of the pieces I brought home with me, and lets just say, I haven’t regretted it one bit.

 If you are a neutral lover like I am, then this is the perfect palette for you. The colors of the palette are so  beautiful and work really well alone, but also together for a complete look. It comes with 4 colors: a shimmery off-white, satin golden brown, a satin, warm, shimmery light pink color, and a satin dark brown. The pigmentation of the shadows are pretty impressive considering this palette costs less than 50 SR. The only thing that is that the off-white color was chalky and not so great, it’s weird because all the other colors were fine. I’ve worn this palette many times this past month, and the colors never creased on me and lasted the whole night.  If you are lost as to where to apply each color, the back of the box has a little helpful picture showing where to apply each color if you are new to eye shadows.

 Swatch and Back of Box


The Put-Together Look

If you don’t watch Anna from VivannaDoesMakeup on YouTube, where have you been all this time? WHERE? Sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching one of her videos is my favorite time of the day. It really feels like you’re have a chat about makeup with your friend instead of someone who doesn’t know you exist.

I was watching her Disappointing Products video, and she looked so put together and I couldn’t put my finger on it, because her makeup was ordinary- yet not so ordinary? She had a flawless base, minimal eye makeup, and a bright pink lip. After staring at her for duration of the video, I realized that the key to her put together look was all down to that flawless base and the bright pink lip.

Inspired by her makeup I ran to my room, and started pulling out bold lipsticks to copy her put together look. All it takes is a few minutes  and a few steps to look put together, which is great if you only have a few minutes to get ready in the morning:

Put Together

Step 1: The Flawless Base-I used the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Step 2: Eyeliner-I used the Rimmel Gel Eyeliner

Step 3: The Bright Lip (aka the main part of the look) Revlon Lip Balm Stain in Lovesick




An exciting new store has opened up in Jeddah called Whites. It is along the same lines as Boots stores where you get medicine, personal hygiene products and makeup, but it has some exciting products that I’m so excited to share with you all.

Let’s start off with the fact that this store sells Real Techniques brushes. If you don’t know what Real Techniques is, it is basically a brand that sells good quality brushes.

Whites also stocks a very large selection of Essie nail polishes for 40 SR, and if you are a nail polish lover like me, this news would is probably making you jump in excitement, or maybe it is just me? I know that Essie nail polishes are sold elsewhere in Jeddah, but the more the merrier right?

Ren is a skin care brand that is now available in Whites. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from the YouTuber Hannah Georgina, and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the products.

Makeup wise, it has an Essence stand which I have never seen in Jeddah, but heard a lot about on YouTube. Other makeup brands available are Maybelline, L’ oreal, Bourjois and Revlon. It also stocks the Travelo, which is also really popular among beauty YouTubers, which allows you to carry your perfume in a tiny little bottle without needing to carrying a huge glass bottle of perfume in your handbag.

It also stocks some common brands such as La Roche Posay, Nuxe etc. I think this just might be my new favorite store in Jeddah. Whites is located next to Jarir Bookstore and Dunkin Doughnuts on Sari Street. Let me know if you have been inside for a visit!

The Matte Lip: NARS Bangkok

NARS Bangkok

Anyone been searching for the perfect nude lipstick? Because I have been searching for the perfect nude lipstick since forever and I think I may have finally found it. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok is the one. The signature matte black packaging fills my heart up with pure happiness, it feels so luxurious and I’m loving it. Bangkok is a brilliantly pigmented soft, rosy pink color, perfect for an everyday natural look or  paired with a smokey eye. The formula of these lipsticks are worth every penny, it glides on your lips so effortlessly and doesn’t dry the lips out despite being a matte lipstick. However, as for all matte lipsticks, you do have to exfoliate your lips before applying it or it will cling to any dry patches. It doesn’t slip and slide or randomly disappear off your lips after an hour or so. I have a feeling I will be repurchasing this one again and again.

NARS Bangkok Swatch