Natural Eyes Made Easy

Revlon Color Stay Palette in Decadent

You know what happens when there is 20% off on makeup? You walk away with a bag full of makeup and a lighter wallet. This Revlon Palette in 505 Decadent was one of the pieces I brought home with me, and lets just say, I haven’t regretted it one bit.

 If you are a neutral lover like I am, then this is the perfect palette for you. The colors of the palette are so  beautiful and work really well alone, but also together for a complete look. It comes with 4 colors: a shimmery off-white, satin golden brown, a satin, warm, shimmery light pink color, and a satin dark brown. The pigmentation of the shadows are pretty impressive considering this palette costs less than 50 SR. The only thing that is that the off-white color was chalky and not so great, it’s weird because all the other colors were fine. I’ve worn this palette many times this past month, and the colors never creased on me and lasted the whole night.  If you are lost as to where to apply each color, the back of the box has a little helpful picture showing where to apply each color if you are new to eye shadows.

 Swatch and Back of Box



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