Review: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner

Rimmel Scandal Eyes

I love eyeliner and for me, it is an essential part of my daily makeup routine. I love using liquid eyeliners, but I was always intrigued by the  gel formula. Recently, I’ve been obsessing over the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner. In summary, this eyeliner has pretty much got everything you’d need in an eyeliner. It is very black, it is very pigmented and glides on the eyelids like a dream. It is a waterproof formula, it stays on for a VERY long time which is amazing because usually eyeliners tend to slip and slide off my oily eyelids (TMI?) and does not smudge at all. It does come with a brush but I’m not really a fan of it because I prefer using my own angled brush since it is easier to make a winged eyeliner with. The only thing you have to remember is to clean the brush after using it because the gel can dry on the brush and become hard preventing further use. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases and I don’t think I’m ever looking back at pencil or liquid eyeliners again.


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