I Added Coffee to My Tea, Kate Spade Wallpaper, and Other Rambles.


I added coffee to my tea and decided to write a vlog inspired blog post today. It is currently 9AM, I’ve been awake since 5 AM because Ramadan timings have really screwed up my sleeping schedule.  Anyone else in the same boat as me? Nope? Just me? So I was watching an Essiebutton vlog and I realized that I love watching vlogs and I like watching other people’s lives and what they do during the day so much that I decided to my own version of a vlog, I don’t know if that makes me sound creepy but yeah.

I’m sitting on the couch right now, sipping a cup of tea (with coffee) and re-watching another essiebutton vlog and I realized I’m in absolute bliss right now. The tea is quite good, the house is quiet, and I’m doing something I love as well getting some time to myself to think about everything.  I think that starting your day the proper way has a huge impact on the rest of your day. I feel like you need to have time in the morning to have a cup of tea or coffee and have some time doing something you enjoy and kind of get mentally prepared for the rest of the day, you know, rethink about what your goals for the day, create a to-do list, rethink your goals for the week and life in general. Having a perspective of how you want your life to turn out in the beginning of your day helps you put your goals into actions every day and in my opinion that’s really important.

On a slightly different note, Sunday is the first day of this 3 week long medical internship/medical course and I’m so excited for it but I’m also so VERY terrified of that day. It is going to be my first time behind the scenes in a hospital. I’ve always been on the patient side of a hospital but I’m excited to experience what doctors do on a daily basis. I’m excited to gain new experiences and get know people but I’m scared because I feel like I don’t know anything about medicine! What am I going to do if they ask me a question I have no clue about? What if I make a fool out of myself? Despite all these what ifs, I’m sure everything will be alright, at least, I hope so. Any other medical students feel that way? If things get interesting, I might even write a blog post about the internship/course.

P.S. I’ve been a absolutely loving this downloadable wallpaper from Kate Spade, it adds so much life into your wallpaper! Click here if you want to download it.

Kate Spade

To all those celebrating, Eid Mubarak! Happy First of August, let’s make this month a good one shall we? Be the best version of yourself today.


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