Current Obsession: MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl

MAC Lipglass Oyster Pink

This lip gloss is perfection. If something this pretty looks like this on the outside, imagine what it looks like on your lips. Actually, don’t imagine, I’ll tell you, it looks gorgeous. This MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl is a beautiful pale pink lip gloss with golden shimmer. My lips are pretty pigmented, so this lip gloss does not add color to my lips, it just adds a healthy shine, but it does go very well on top of all my lipsticks. Although it does have shimmer running through it, its very fine instead of being chunky. It adds a pretty golden pink sheen to any lip color, and stays on for a long, long time. On a more important note however, it smells like vanilla, which happens to by my favorite scent. I love pairing this with my holy grail nude lipstick NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok.  Worth checking out next time you go to MAC? Definitely.

MAC Oyster Girl Swatch
MAC Oyster Girl Swatch


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