Review: Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand and Body Cream


VS Pink Soft and Dreamy

If you’re looking for a body lotion that will give you soft skin immediately and for a longer period of time, this is the one to get. This is one of those products that makes a difference in your skin overnight. My skin used to be so dry that it looked dull and lifeless (cute much?) but things have changed after I discovered Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand and Body Cream. I usually  apply this after I take a shower, before going to bed, and the cream sinks in to the skin immediately without leaving the skin feeling greasy. In the morning, I wake up with the softest skin ever and looks healthy and radiant. Seriously though, I can’t stop touching my skin!  The body cream comes in a few different scents, the one I own Soft and Dreamy has been discontinued (I think, since its not on the website). I love layering this with my PINK Warm and Cozy body mist as they compliment each other very well and leave me smelling like I’m in some sort of sweet smelling heaven.


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