The Perfect Glow with Rimmel Soft Color Blush in Live Pink

Rimmel Soft Color Blush

Blush is probably one of my most favorite things in makeup. The right blush can just add so much life and energy to your face. Rimmel’s Soft Color Blush in the color Live Pink is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a fresh pink color that adds so much brightness and aliveness to the face, something  you especially need when you have class at 8:30 in the morning. The blush is sheer, so if you are heavy handed with blush (like me) you won’t be walking out the door with bright pink cheeks. The blush has a luminous finish, but the golden shimmer particles aren’t so huge that someone might ask you “why you have glitter on your face” (been there, done that). The formula of the blush and the color is freakishly similar to my other obsession,  Dollymix by MAC (Could this be a dupe? Maybe!)

Live Pink Swatch
Live Pink Swatch

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