The Nude and The Bold: The Two Lipsticks Every Woman Needs

Nude and The Bold

There are tons and tons of lipstick shades to chose from, all the way from nudes, your lips but better, and the ones that are like “Hello, look at me and my beautiful bold lips”.  I think, as woman we all agree that the more lipsticks, the merrier. However, there are two lipsticks that every woman should have in her makeup bag: the nude and the bold. My favorite holy grail nude lipstick is the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok. Bangkok is this warm toned pink-y nude that just blew me away. I want to buy like a few backups just in case one day, it suddenly gets discontinued.  It’s perfect to pair with a smokey eye, it will take you through work, through lunches, or it’s perfect for a girls day out. On the opposite end of the spectrum is MAC’s Rebel. Now this one is a cult favorite for a reason. It is this gorgeous purple-y bold lip color that looks good on everyone. Bold lips are the perfect way to seem “put together” when you’re really not in the mood to look presentable but have to anyway (you know what I mean?) Also, this one is great for those down days, I don’t know what it is about bold lips that just makes you feel instantly better, right ladies?


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