The Bronzed and Glowy Look: With MAC LoveJoy Blush

MAC Lovejoy

If you see my makeup collection, you’re going to find a variety of blushes that are all different shades of pink, so when I first got this blush, I didn’t know how I felt about it. I’m the type of girl who always wears pink blush leaving this blush, Lovejoy by MAC unused. One day, I discovered Mimi Ikonn on YouTube and I fell in love with her makeup. She typically wears the same type of makeup in every single video. On her cheeks, she has this bronzy glowy blush or bronzer which I just instantly fell in love with and I immediately opened my makeup collection to find something similar, and that’s when I figured that Lovejoy would be perfect to imitate Mimi’s look.

Lovejoy is so hard to describe because it’s one of those blushes that has a mix of colors. It it is bronze but it does have some pink in it, some red undertones and golden glitter running through it which is really pretty as a blush but it also gives some definition to the cheeks which I could use. The golden glitter surprisingly is not chunky so I don’t mind it on the face.  It compliments olive and tan skin tones very well, but it can work for lighter skin tones if used very lightly because it is dark.  I’ve been loving this blush so much and I can’t get enough of it! If you’re wondering where to find MAC stores here in Jeddah, there is one on Tahlia Street. photo (3)

photo (3)

Mimi Ikonn (



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