Anastasia Contour Kit: My Thoughts

Anastasia Contour Kit The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is one of the popular palettes out there for contouring and for good reason. It just has everything you would need to achieve that perfect contour.

The palette is made of cardboard which is disappointing coming from a high-end brand because it can easily get damaged. It also does not come with the mirror which was a unfortunate surprise. The palette contains six shades-three in the top row and three in the bottom row.

The top row shades consist of: Vanilla, Banana and Sand (L-R)

The bottom row shades consist of: Java, Fawn and Havana (L-R)

All of the shades are matte except for the Sand which is a really pretty champagne highlight. It has no visible chunks of glitter and is finely milled. Banana is a self-explanatory yellow shade and Vanilla is a cream colored shade used for highlighting and adding light to selected part of the face.

The bottom row has Fawn which is standard neutral contour shade, and two warm shades Java and Havana which could be used as bronzers to add some warmth to the skin.

This is a really great palette to have in your collection if you are into the whole contoured look or if you are a makeup fiend like myself. For girls who can’t be bothered with contouring, might find smaller palettes like the Smashbox contour palette more suitable. It all really depends on personal preference.