Review: Bassam Fattouh Matte Lipstick in Starlet

Bassam Fattouh Starlet

I’ve always passed by the pink and girly Bassam Fattouh counter at Debenhams wondering if I should try something or not, but never made the effort. This time around, I gave in, and bought the matte lipstick in Starlet. Starlet is a beautiful berry color, one of those colors that just looks great on all skin tones. Matte formulas are one of those make- it – or- break- it kind of formulas, either they’re too dry and drag when you apply it on the lips, or they could be wonderfully creamy and moisturizing. Starlet is definitely the latter. It is matte formula, but it is creamy and very light on the lips. It is very pigmented, all you need is one swipe and you are ready for the day…or night.  I just might visit their counter again and see what other good products I can find.

Bassam Fattouh Matte Lipstick in Starlet



For Your Next “The Body Shop” Trip: Favorite Products

The Body Shop Favorites

I’m  a big fan of The Body Shop and there are certain products that I keep purchasing again and again and again. One of my favorites is the Body Butter Duo in the vanilla scent. This is probably not a surprise because everyone loves the body butters, and for good reason. There is rich cream side for extra hydration which is perfect for knees and elbows and a lighter cream for areas that don’t need a lot of hydration. The formula doesn’t leave you sticky  and sinks in quickly so you don’t have to wait a while before putting your clothes on.

My next favorite is the Body Mist in Vanilla. There is really not much to say about this, except that it smells like pure vanilla. If you love vanilla, you will want this in your life.  It is mist so it is light and stays on for quite some time.

The Shimmer Cube Palette has 4 different shades which you could use individually or together to create an eye look. What I love about this is that if you want to take only one shade with you, you can just take it out of the box and it has a separate lid so you can just throw it in your makeup bag.  The formula is so pigmented and creamy, not chalky at all.

The lip liners are the perfect balance between creamy yet dry-am I making any sense? Basically, the formula is perfect and doesn’t slip and slide off the lips.  My favorite shade is called Mauve which is like my lips but better shade. Sometimes I wear it alone, with lip gloss on top or under a lipstick.

Last, but not least, is the lip and cheek stain in Rose Pink. It gives that perfect glow on the cheeks, that color that you get when that cold winter air hits your face. On the lips it gives you a perfect pink color, and if you layer it, it gives you pink-red color perfect for fall and it does not budge, it will stay on your lips for a long time.

The Body Shop also has a Facebook Page where it uploads all it’s promotions and new launches so you can always be up to date.



The Mascara You’ve Been Looking For

MAC Haute and Naughty Too

The quest for finding an amazing mascara is never ending, but mine just might have ended because I may have found the one. I’ve never heard anyone talk about MAC mascaras, but the MAC Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara is perfection and deserves a spotlight. The formula is pretty wet which was enough to convince me that this one would not be for me since I’m more of dry-mascara-gal, but this has changed my mind. The fiber brush wand really gives a lot of  volume, length, it separates the lashes and manages to a hold a curl for an impressive amount of time. The black color of this mascara is intense, it is really really black and  it just makes your eyes stand out and makes you look more awake and wide-eyed, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that look?

Ikea Bits

Ikea Bits

I don’t know what it is about the Ikea website that just lures you in- you end up browsing for hours and hours and pretend like you need another mug, although your cabinet is overflowing mugs.  The main reason I went to the website was to see if the Pokal mug  (bottom most) was available here in Jeddah, after seeing it on a SacconJoly vlog. Evidently, it was and I have been drinking my coffee and tea ever day from it. As if I needed another mug, the 365+ mug came along in my trolley (top most). I went on to find this white plant pot which is so adorable from the Skurar collection. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for, but for now, it is sitting on my vanity looking all white and pretty.  The unfortunate thing is that Ikea doesn’t actually deliver things to your door, so you have to go out of your way to visit the store, but that’s the price I’m willing to pay for all the cute things they have!


Take a Look: Fall Lip Options

Fall Lips


The changing season calls for changing our makeup routine and adding a few new bits and pieces to welcome the coming autumnal months. Here are few of my lip choices this fall.

1. Bassam Fattouh-Starlet: Startlet is a raspberry pink color, perfect when you want autumnal lips but don’t want to go too dark. The formula of this lipstick is like no other, its matte but so creamy and lightweight.

2. NARS Satin Lip Pencil-Hyde Park: This gorgeous formula is perfect when you want glossy lips. It is a pretty dark raspberry pink color which is flattering on a lot of skin tones.

3. Revlon Lip Butter-Berry Smoothie: This is another glossy lip option and you don’t need to look in the mirror to apply it-perfect for when you’re always on the go and simply do not have the time to fuss with lip liners and what not.

4. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain-01: If you love match-y match-y makeup, this is something you should keep an eye out for. You can apply this berry hued stain on the lips and cheeks and be ready to head out the door. What I love about this, is that you can choose the intensity of the color. You can layer this on the lips for a dark intense berry lip or apply a light layer on the lips, it is really up to your mood.

5. MAC-Rebel: This satin lipstick is currently my newest obsession. I’ve been wearing this all the time-sometimes dabbed onto to the lips like a stain or straight from the bullet for a full on dark, bold lip. It is a beautiful dark pink-purple color, and should be a staple in every girls collection.

6. MAC-Viva Glam III: This color is definitely on the bold and daring side. It is a matte, reddish brown color that screams autumn. It is one of those universal colors that would flatter a lot of skin tones.



Fall Swatches
Left – Right: Revlon Lip Butter Berry Smoothie, TBS Lip Stain in 01, MAC Rebel, MAC Viva Glam III, NARS Hyde Park, Bassam Fattouh Starlet

The Perfect Glow with Rimmel Soft Color Blush in Live Pink

Rimmel Soft Color Blush

Blush is probably one of my most favorite things in makeup. The right blush can just add so much life and energy to your face. Rimmel’s Soft Color Blush in the color Live Pink is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a fresh pink color that adds so much brightness and aliveness to the face, something  you especially need when you have class at 8:30 in the morning. The blush is sheer, so if you are heavy handed with blush (like me) you won’t be walking out the door with bright pink cheeks. The blush has a luminous finish, but the golden shimmer particles aren’t so huge that someone might ask you “why you have glitter on your face” (been there, done that). The formula of the blush and the color is freakishly similar to my other obsession,  Dollymix by MAC (Could this be a dupe? Maybe!)

Live Pink Swatch
Live Pink Swatch

Before-Bed Products

Before-Bed Products

For the Face

  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir, together, leaves me with glowing skin. Both of them together are like magic. Whenever I’m having a horrible skin day, I just put a few drops of both in my hands, mix it together, apply it on my face. By morning time, my face looks much, much better.

For The Hands

I have very, very dry hands (thanks to Jeddah weather) and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream helps a lot with keeping them moisturized. Because this is a balm and has a very heavy texture, it is good to put on at night when you know you won’t be using your hands as it allows the formula to sink into the skin and do its magic.

For The Lips

 I do like to change me lip balm quiet a bit, but I have been using the Neutrogena 6 Hour Protection Lip Balm recently. Unlike most lip balms, this one doesn’t leave the lips glossy, it dries matte which means that it won’t slip and slide off the lips. It has a very chemically scent and taste to it which I do not enjoy, but it does moisturize my lips.

For The Body

The Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand and Body Cream in Soft and Dreamy smells insanely good. Who wouldn’t love going to sleep smelling all warm and sweet. I have done a review on it if you’d like to know more about it.

Review: Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand and Body Cream


VS Pink Soft and Dreamy

If you’re looking for a body lotion that will give you soft skin immediately and for a longer period of time, this is the one to get. This is one of those products that makes a difference in your skin overnight. My skin used to be so dry that it looked dull and lifeless (cute much?) but things have changed after I discovered Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand and Body Cream. I usually  apply this after I take a shower, before going to bed, and the cream sinks in to the skin immediately without leaving the skin feeling greasy. In the morning, I wake up with the softest skin ever and looks healthy and radiant. Seriously though, I can’t stop touching my skin!  The body cream comes in a few different scents, the one I own Soft and Dreamy has been discontinued (I think, since its not on the website). I love layering this with my PINK Warm and Cozy body mist as they compliment each other very well and leave me smelling like I’m in some sort of sweet smelling heaven.

Current Obsession: MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl

MAC Lipglass Oyster Pink

This lip gloss is perfection. If something this pretty looks like this on the outside, imagine what it looks like on your lips. Actually, don’t imagine, I’ll tell you, it looks gorgeous. This MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl is a beautiful pale pink lip gloss with golden shimmer. My lips are pretty pigmented, so this lip gloss does not add color to my lips, it just adds a healthy shine, but it does go very well on top of all my lipsticks. Although it does have shimmer running through it, its very fine instead of being chunky. It adds a pretty golden pink sheen to any lip color, and stays on for a long, long time. On a more important note however, it smells like vanilla, which happens to by my favorite scent. I love pairing this with my holy grail nude lipstick NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok.  Worth checking out next time you go to MAC? Definitely.

MAC Oyster Girl Swatch
MAC Oyster Girl Swatch

In Love With: MAC Half Red Lip Liner

MAC Half Red

Guys, I’m in love. I’m in love with this MAC Half Red Lip Liner. You can tell if a lip liner is good by the first application, the way it glides on the lips so seamlessly, this lip liner did just that. The formula is really soft, but not too soft that it will slip and slide on the lips. It is pigmented, matte and stays on the lips for a long time. When I swatched it on my hands, this color did not really appeal to me, it looks like a brownish-red color, but oh my gosh, when you apply it on the lips, it transforms into this beautiful reddish, brownish, mauvy color which kind of like gives off the “my lips but better” effect, and I’m not complaining. I can already tell I’ll be using this a lot this month.


MAC Half Red Swatch