Where To Find Makeup and Beauty Products In Jeddah

If you’re on the hunt for makeup but don’t know where to go-

City Plaza: Drugstore Makeup

Sephora: High-end makeup

Paris Gallery:High-end

Faces: High-end brands, some branches have drugstore make up as well.

VaVaVoom: High-end makeup

Whites: Maybelline, Revlon, Essie Nail Polishes, Bourjois, Essence, L’oreal, Travello, Ren Skin Care, Sleek (In Haifa Mall)



The Body Shop


Nazih Stores: OPI Nail polishes and Macadamia Products:  (Store Locations: http://nazih.com/retail/index.php?country=Saudi+Arabia&city=jeddah_)

Cream: Essie Nail Polishes (Stars Avenue Mall)

Victoria’s Secret (Only makeup, perfume, and other accessories): Tahlia Mall

Bath and Body Works: They have the Rosebud Salve and CO Bigelow lip balms you don’t find anywhere in Jeddah! They also have a nice selection of lip glosses.

H&M: They do good bronzers, nail polishes, and lip balms.

Debenhams: Mainly High-end makeup, few drugstore brands, and Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

If you’re looking for make up brushes, see my post Make Up Brushes in Jeddah.


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